Health and Length Both Count

Hi to my readers from Nigeria. I hope your hair journey is going well. Since my focus is on health and length, today,  I applied African Pride Leave in conditioner to my hair, the first time I've used leave in conditioner since the big chop.


I feel my hair is growing out now so I can step up the moisture game with a leave in.

After that,  I sealed with oil mix. When the hair is a bit longer,  I'll alternate between oil and butter.

I didn't feel like wearing the wig but because I'm determined to end the week in one,  I wore it at the final hour. I, actually, did my make up to suit the twa but it's OK that I wore the wig.

Today is Wednesday which means midweek co wash so I'll be using  the awfully scented garlic oil as prepoo and then Co wash with we naturals hemp  conditioner.
Last night,  I simply water rinsed.

If I'm going to be wearing wigs like this,  I might just get a long one too for the days I feel high Lol.

Anyways,  the theme for blog has changed from healthy hair every second to Be Smart and Fabulous! I'll give details later.

I took my vitamins in the morning, I saw that the gaps in the edges are filling in nicely. That's another reason I'm not worried about not wearing the hair out. I want it to be full so the front part will look good. I also want it to grow gain length even as it becomes healthy.

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