Hibiscus Honey Wash Day

I purchased the We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask for deep and have since used it twice. The We Naturals hibiscus honey mask is a moisture deep conditioner. I like that the ingredients are organic and thus you are assured of quality results. I'd love that it had a longer shelf life but organic products can't last that long.


The first one was on dry hair as a form of instant deep conditioning during the week. My hair felt soft after use.
This wash day,  I use the  Renpure cleansing conditioner to cleanse the hair and went to bed with the damp hair. I don't advice this if you are prone to cold and flu LOL. I make sure to cover with a scarf under such situations and also ensure that the hair is blotted dry to the maxim level at that time of the night LOL.

Next morning, I applied the We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask on dry hair and covered it up with a shower cap since I don't have a hooded dryer nor a steaming cap.  I didn't like the Renpure cleansing conditioner initially but I think I'm beginning to like it.  Well,  let's see how it goes. A cleansing conditioner is a mild form of shampoo. If your hair tends to be dry, you can give it a try to see how your hair responds to it.

I washed it out and applied kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner, sealed with butter and applied eco styler gel for a wash n go look.


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