Hot Oil Treatment (30 Days Challenge)

It's the ghanaianemprezz12months12challenges number 3 which is hot oil treatment. The hot oil treatment is to help maintain the moisture in the hair.  It's also to protect our hair against hygral fatigue (the hair from absorbing too much water during washing).


One of the oils known to prevent hygral fatigue is coconut oil. When applied to the hair, hot oil treatment can also make detangling less tedious and reduce time spent on detangling.

All  you need is to heat up or warm up your oil, apply to your dry hair and cover with a shower cap or poly bag/shopping bag. The difference between prepoo and hot oil treatment is the preparation process. With prepoo, you don't heat the oil prior to application.

You simply apply to the hair and cover with the shower cap. Some people choose to sit under the hooded dryer to allow heat to work with the oil but with hot oil treatment, the heating is done before application.

You are allowed to use any oil of your choice so long as it's light and natural. You can obtain one from my shop. I'll be using castor oil mix because of the We Naturals Challenge.

When you treat your hair with natural oils, it's easy  for penetration adn won't weigh down the hair.

I might also do overnight oil treatment to add more moisture to the hair.

What oils will you use for the challenge?


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