Inversion Method : 3 Benefits

Can you believe I have completed my inversion method this time round ? I did miss a day but that's OK. Haven done this technique finally,  let me share what I realized about the inversion method.


  1. Stretching the body
    I bend my face downwards,  with my hands touching my feet which gives me the opportunity to enjoy the stretch. After doing that for a week,  I definitely would love to do it more often. The stretch for the first three days wasn't easy at all. It was painful. On day four,  it felt so good. By day seven,  I was actually bending comfortably. Try it.

  2. Meditation

During the 4 minutes,  inversion,  I also use the time to pray. Someone said you can't multi task but I beg to differ. Whilst doing the Inversion method, I pray and thank God for the day. It's so relaxing.

  1. Hair Growth
    This is one area most people aim for when inverting. I can't say I've seen that 1inch, I will do another one in March and see. What I know is that  I've seen ladies achieve the inch. Others say the one inch is seen abut a week after the technique is completed.

So,  what's your take?

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