March Inversion Method

The February inversion method went well for me although I don't think I noticed extra growth and we are now going to focus on March Inversion method. This time, what I'll do is a scalp massage before inverting.



Scalp massage will stimulate the follicles so the inversion will be more effective. Because of this,  I'm going to do a length  check and show you an after length too.

The inversion is from  1st March to 7th March and it has to be done once a day. I'll warm the oil for the Scalp Massage too.

I love how my hair is getting thicker and longer. I do feel much better walking about with the short hair so as it grows, I'm sure I can wear it anywhere. In any case,  the worst part was the few days after the big chop so at this point,  I won't call my hair a TWA again. It's short hair and that's it.

Hopefully,  the inversion will give the extra growth I want.
I'll post the beginning  and after pictures on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

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