During the weekend,  I wore the Teeny Weeny Afro TWA out in the house and because I've been finger combing,  I hadn't noticed the growth. When you use your fingers, it's easy to undo knots and tangles as well as make application of products easier.

I used a Comb for fear of knotting  and realized the TWA had grown quite a bit. From simply brushing, the hair is now up to the point of combing ; the brush doesn't work again.
But we are still on the no comb challenge so finger combing continues. All I do is apply the water and oil and put on the wig. The weather might be a bit hot for the wig gets the job done. Perhaps,  a good lace wig will take me out of the styling rut. The TWA stage can be quit frustrating sometimes. Any Affordable one you know? I have an aversion for these human hair lace wigs and weaves and that prevents me from even looking at it in shops.
Now,  the next goal is making progress on my edges too. It seems to be filling in so slowly I have to do more than once a day oiling of those parts. The annoying thing about growing edges is that when it grows out a bit, I get a braid and then it gets damaged again. It's become a cycle of regrow and damage. The best thing to do is to avoid braiding yet that's near to impossible. Using a hair growth oil on the edges will be the best way to prevent damage when braided as well as keep the growth coming in.

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  1. Adiaha10:45 pm

    As far as lace wig, I have no clue but has some good ones. For edges I have been using JBCO and my edges are filling in. I went completely bald around my edges after having my son, he's 1 now and my hair is finally growing again. Good luck.


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