The Growth Oil Mix

During the week, I shared my growth oil mix so I'll put that here as well. This week marks 7 weeks post relaxer but 2 Weeks post big chop and that's how I'm going to be counting down to my one year anniversary. here's how I made use of the week.

Wet the hair and apply oil mix. My oil mix is
Neem oil
Baobab oil
We Naturals castor oil
We Naturals growth stimulating oil
Grape seed oil
African best hot six oil
Coconut oil
I did this in order to benefit from the oils at once. Also,  it's hard switching between these oils daily so putting all in one bottle is a time saver.
Evening Routine
I apply onion infused oil and cover with a cap just to  avoid the smell. This kind of prepoo before water rinsing or Co washing sometimes is to boost the moisture in the hair.  Dry hair isn't easy to work with and catching it young (Lol) will work best. The onion juice is an experiment I began even before cutting the hair and that oil was previously infused with garlic for shedding. As a result of  that,  I haven't had issues with shedding. I don't intend to thus prevention is crucial.
Green House Effect
When I'm done with Co washing,  I apply the oil mixture and sometimes add Cantu sheabutter  creamy lotion, cover with a cap for bed.
Morning Routine
I wet the hair whilst under a shower,  apply oil mix,  brush the edges down and Wear a wig cap. The brushing helps to lay the edges down for the wig. In my mind,  that will reduce the  friction between the hair and the wig.
I didn't miss any day. I took all the vitamins in the morning.
How has your week been?

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  1. Putting the oil together is definitely a time save. Please can you share how you make your onion infused oil?

  2. abena5:21 pm

    Grind the onion and put it in the oil and let it sit in warm water for a while.

  3. Grind? I normally mince the onions instead. And I leave it in the oil on low heat till it "simmers" and turns brown? Is that a good thing though? (The heating it on fire I mean)

  4. abena4:10 pm

    I guess that will also get the juice out.


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