The Influence of Social Media

All these talks about hair care and stuff is all thanks to the influence of social media and the question I ask it, '' am I part of the  addicted ones? ''

Let's face  it. The latest hair cut,  hair color, hair products, hair guru and more all become visible via social media. You are here reading perhaps because you chanced upon something on Google or Facebook or Instagram and the others.


Admitting that you are a social media addict might sound harsh but I think I am. I check my Facebook fan page like a hundred times a day,  I go to Instagram about 4 times a day (because I get to check only in the morning) and as for YouTube,  countless. I hardly ever watch all the videos on my feed yet I still check who has what.

The worry is that I can get swayed by trends and get caught up in a dream. My reality is I love to socialize but to be dependent on social media like this is crazy.

I don't think I can do a day without social media so the challenge now isn't about not visiting any of them but cutting down on the time spent there.
As for my hair, I'm keeping it away from the effects of trends by doing what I love most -  challenging myself.
Can I do once a week Facebook? How about YouTube? And whatsapp?
Let's see how it goes.

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