Tired of Wearing Wigs

I know you won't be surprised I'm saying I'm tired of wearing wigs considering that  I have mentioned that I didn't like wearing the wig this week but because I began the week like that,  I'll end it that way.


Aside the fact that it's hot beneath the wigs,  I don't like brushing the fly away hair off my face. At this point,  I'm putting in more efforts so this hair grows in faster to allow me wear it around. I mean the edges that look like they hate me lol.

I have some rounds to do too but I'm unsure about wearing a wig too simply because of heat. But let tomorrow come then we can decide.

Talking about growth,  I see my hair is looking thicker which means it's growing in and I can't wait to see full head. The front parts are the worse so I specifically apply the oil there each morning.

I need to invest in a lace wig -  curly one which I can also hold up in a ponytail. I'll look at madina market when I have the money.

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