What Next?

After gaining an inch in January, I think I can stretch my luck for another 3 months,  3 inches so what next?

This is a huge task, not an impossible one but difficult all the same. It requires diligence,  focus and sacrifice.  After cutting off more than 70% of my hair,  I'm sure in the midst of shock and disappointments,  people want to see if I'll succeed in achieving my hair goals for the year.
I'll take better photos of the hair when I'm free but for now, I have only an inch or less of hair. I'll be getting the hair shaped soon too.

Anyways,  after receiving backlash,  insults and insults upon insults (as if I need permission to do what I want with  my hair),  I must say that I have no interest in documenting my journey anymore. That's not to say I won't blog. I will probably post abut my hair on a need-to  basis.
I've been asked if I'll grow it out,  honestly, I have no plans to stop growing my hair.
I'm open to whatever I want to do at a point in time.
I'll give you more details as the months roll by.

February One Inch
We are already on the 3rd day of February so how am I going to maximize growth?
Basically,  I do wash and wig. That is I rinse the hair each morning with water, apply jbco mixed with other oils and put on my wig.
I wet the hair and apply jbco mix again. I haven't been using leave in but I'll start doing so when I remember to or not feeling lazy. The routine is simple.
Deep conditioning? I don't have a schedule for that.  I do it when I shampoo
Shampoo : I do that once a week and Co wash during the week.
Braiding? I'll definitely braid but I want  the edges to fill in more. The wig is OK for now. In a few weeks time,  I'm sure the edges will be full so I can braid.


Vitamins? I'm still taking the gummies and biotin religiously.

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  1. Adiaha12:04 am

    I am in. my goal is to get to WL, currently I am at BSL. I started installing minitwist protective style last night and that's gonna be my go to style for the remaining part of the year. I hope to gain atleast an inch of growth per month. Currently, i moisturized 5 times a week and deep condition once a month.


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