Why Wear Wigs?

Since some readers are requesting for my thoughts about my daily hair care,  I'm going to continue with the daily updates I did last year and today's issue is why wear wig? Caution : some posts will be quite honest and too blunt so be forewarned.

Anyway,  today,  I nearly dropped the wig but because I wore it Yesterday, I decided to continue with the routine till Thursday when we break for mid terms. But I'll be wearing the wig again on the Saturday for an event.

I'm not sure I want to wear a wig next week but it all depends on what happens..
This Wednesday is ash Wednesday and I haven't been to ash Wednesday mass in ages. I don't  want to miss it so I'll find a way to go before work time. If you know of any parish that will hold evening mass,  let me know.

I want to use the lent period to purge some things out of my life including building my self- esteem.  I don't mind wearing  my hair shirt but I don't like my body. Funny, right? I want a trim and fit figure to go with the TWA so off to the gym again. I've decided to let go my beef with the gym Lol. As if it was even a serious thing. I've already set my rules for working out this time round and I hope that will give me the results I want.

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