April Regimen

It seems I never keep to a regimen for long. Well, I love to switch up a lot but that changed about two years ago and since then it's been the  same basic routine with  a few modifications here and there.

One thing I notice about long hair ladies is developing regimen specific to the season. Even though we have two basic  seasons,  I notice that some months can throw a curve at you.

Also,  regimens are based on the  current products. By doing that,  they use up the products and achieve specific results. I'm following that route by developing  a regimen based on the products I have. This will make my life super easy.

So,  beginning with April,  here's how the regimen will be.
**Clarifying once in the month
**Wen Cleansing Conditioner for wash days
***Overnight deep conditioning with Ors hairepair nourishing conditioner
**Kinky curly knot leave in
**daily moisturizing with ors hairepair moisture cream or oiling (moisturizing and sealing in the morning isn't my thing but I've got to try)
**Nightly oiling which helps so much with keeping moisture.
For now,  I do daily clay rinse and overnight deep conditioning. This is more like maximum hydration. I love the results I got on the first day. I'll share all the details when I'm done. If it goes well,  I intend doing it monthly for 7 days.

I know some are wondering how the texturized hair is going to take this. It's doing very well.
So,  instead of a monthly goal,  I want to focus on monthly regimen.

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