Baking Soda on My Face!

I have a mix of baking soda and water on my drawer for this war on my acne scars and someone laughed when I said I use baking soda on my face!

Now,  the baking soda doesn't dissolve in the water completely; may be because I used a lot or its just like that.

On application, it feels like regular water. However,  as it dries up,  it feels sticky and very sticky Lol. You see the white on the face too.

Effectiveness? I don't know much about that because I don't use it alone. Yet I'm hoping it works on those annoying scars.

How do you get rid of your scars? I saw some facial scrubs by clean and clear ( I think that's the name). They are a bit yummy looking too. I'll pick up one and try it. At least it's different from the current one I use.

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