Biotin For Thicker Eyebrows

When I take supplements like biotin,  I hardly pay attention to areas like the eye brows and so when I realized my eyebrows looked different, I racked my brains to find out the cause.
I do see the effect on my skin and face so when I randomly looked at my brows in the mirror,  I was shocked to see how thick and full my brows were looking and becoming.

I mean I have less dense eyebrows and worst  part was the way the ends taper off. No hair at the  ends. Now, though,  I see hair filling in at the end and it's coming in thick too.

I'm just surprised that consistently taking my biotin has yielded this result. I know that you need to take a supplement for 3 months to see the effectiveness or otherwise and I've been on the biotin since January so I guess that's a huge plus for me.


This has given me the boost to keep taking the biotin.

On another note,  because I didn't take a picture of my brows, I can't do comparison.

I've began the Now Foods biotin so I guess the benefits will continue.

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