Cantu Sheabutter for Natural hair Deep Treatment Masque Review

When I was given the  Cantu sheabutter for natural hair line,  I knew my stash wasn't complete without a key product which is the cantu sheabutter for natural hair deep treatment masque.

Deep conditioning is a must if you want to achieve healthy hair and a good one at that. For anyone embarking on a journey, your deep conditioners can make or break your strands (in the literal sense).

I bought one from Mejs naturals on Facebook and have since used it for my deep conditioning sessions. After several uses,  here's my review of the Cantu sheabutter for natural hair  Deep Treatment Masque.

I explore the consistency of the product, the smell, how long it takes to work, how often I use it, the price, ways to use it different from the deep conditioning as well as whether I'll continue using it. Let me chip in that you can always contact me for any product and I'll help you find it or purchase it.


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What has been your go-to deep conditioner? Have you used this masque before? What are your impressions?


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