Clean And Smooth Acne Treatment

A few week ago, I embarked on a facial care journey. One of the products I use in combating acne is the clean and clear acne pimple medication.

This is an update of the facial treatment for 23/March. I poured the oil mix on a micro fibre towel and whipped the make up off. I washed with Forever Clair wash and cleanse. I applied honey lemon scrub and left it for some hours.


With the honey lemon scrub.

I washed the scrub off and applied witch hazel and followed up with clean and smooth acne treatment for the night.


The clean and smooth acne treatment deserves a full review so I'll only say that it's been amazing product.

I've increased my water intake so I can use the washroom more often. This gives the body the opportunity to eliminate toxins from the body.  Give or take, in about a week's time, my skin will be back to normal again leaving the scars as my focus.

The lesson here is to take precautions when using biotin. You need to flash out excess biotin from your body to prevent acne breakouts like mine. In addition, taking a lower dosage may be better for those who have difficulties in drinking water.

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