DIY Facial Scrub

I have some dark scars from some pimples I popped (I know I shouldn't have) and so I need a facial scrub to help reduce the scarring yet I don't have one so I use a DIY facial scrub.
Though I'll be restocking my facial Scrub,  I decided to  make one that can get rid of the scars too. I used brown sugar, honey and fresh aloe vera gel for the scrub.


Can you see the  dark scars on the cheeks?
I prepared enough for a week and is stored in the fridge.
I cleanse the face  first with forever Claire Wash And cleanse and follow up the scrub. I intend to do this every 3 days.  After scrubbing, I use witch hazel to clean again and apply clean and smooth acne treatment if it's bedtime. For morning,  I simply use the  wash and then moisturize.

I'll grab a face cream one of these days instead of use my body lotion  though it's also meant for the face.

How do get rid of acne scars?

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