Evening Primrose Oil Night Routine

After using the baking soda as a night treatment Yesterday, I was about to repeat the application when I decided to take my evening Primrose oil supplement before I forgot.


I just decided to Google the benefits of evening primrose oil in acne treatment when I found that it can be applied as a topical oil too. I simply pierced one capsule and rubbed the oil on the cheeks.

It doesn't smell bad at all! In fact, it smells sort of sweet Lol. I'll use this day time too.

A friend has been using the We Naturals Castor oil on her skin directly and the results are amazing. I'll purchase one (yes,  I sell it but I don't take it for free. It's 30gh for the 250ml.) For now,  let's see how the evening primrose works.

I'll still apply the baking soda somewhere in the routine.
Look out for more facial care updates.

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