Finding Your Own Path

When I visit any hair blog, Instagram feeds and Facebook,  and  realize the faces in the pictures are happy with what  they have. They love their hair and it hit my mind,''you need to work on finding your own path''.


I can't say the same about me. I mean I love my pictures but do I smile because I love my decisions? Well,  the answer isn't clear cut. I love long hair and prefer long hair to short hair in all honesty.

The Decisions

I love natural hair so much but I love the simplicity of relaxed hair. Whatever path we choose,  we need to  affirm what we want.

I'm creating  a path for myself. One I will be happy with. When I think about my relaxed hair, I smile. When I think about my natural hair,  I smile. Yet the difference is I can't have both. Come rain or shine,  I can't keep cutting my hair. In fact, behind the scenes,  things aren't rosy. I know some readers go haywire when I cut my hair. Well, all my hair choices are my own decisions but at my age, I need to focus on achieving my hair goals.

Right  now,  I'm not even happy blogging about my TWA because it takes a lot of  energy to accept that  I have 3 years to reach an appreciable length. Worse part is I've spent enough money already and so I'm now on an indefinite ban when it comes to products. The only thing I'm allowed to indulge in is vitamins Lol. Yes,  I've banned myself  from buying anything related to hair until I reach APL.

Whether APL relaxed or natural doesn't matter to me now. We have 9 months left to go in the year. That 's 9 inches I can work for. I'm going to get there and make myself happy.

I'm finding my own path. I've also been cautioned against doing anything drastic to my hair else I'll sleep in the barbers shop Lollll. You get the message?

I'm getting the peppermint oil though to use to regrow my edges. In as much as I hate tingling products, I'm willing to endure all things for it to regrow.

See you in another ramble post.

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