Hair Care Isn't About Products

When it comes to healthy hair journey, ladies only think about hair products but hair care isn't about products alone.

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What's the use of taking a TV set home without switching it on? How does that give you the entertainment you want?
Similarly, you ought to use the hair products you buy to get results.

I was able to get my hair from 1 inch to 6 inches in a year not just because I prayed; I put every single thing I made sure that the products were part of the hair routines. Each product serves a particular purpose so that at the end of the day, your hair benefits in all dimensions.

However, if your technique of applying products to the hair isn't the best, you'll suffer a lot of damage and setbacks. If you use your leave in conditioner to cleanse or you rinse it out, you are missing the point.

It's important to read the directions on the product and use them as instructed. Of course, sometimes, you can have multiple uses of a product but that doesn't matter if your technique isn't what can get you the desired results.

My personal goal is to use up the ones I have before 12 months of opening because hair products do expire. When you allow products to stay in the shelves for months on end, you may end up damaging your hair with expired products, especially deep treatments and oils. Some ladies don't even check the expiry dates on what they purchase; most products are safe to keep but once you open them, you are given a period of 12 months to use them up. If this is the case, do try to either give it away if you don't want it any more or throw it away though the former is much better.

Each time you want to purchase a product, be sure to have a use for it and don't buy because I said so or a youtuber said so. We have different hair types and hair needs.

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  1. Angela Quaye8:50 am

    Thanks dear for sharing. I'll definitely stick your advice, especially now that I'll be having my 2nd big chop.

  2. abena9:17 am

    Why are you big chopping?


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