How To Use We Naturals Hemp Range

When I tried the  We Naturals Hemp Range, it was easy to use because I knew what each product was to do. However,  for newbies,  using such products require some break down of each product and how to use it.
The We Naturals has 5 Products : shampoo,  conditioner, leave in conditioner, hair butter and hot oil treatment.


  1. The first product to use is the hot oil treatment. All the directions for the treatment are on the bottle but here's  a gist. You warm up some of the hot oil and apply to your hair,  cover with a shower cap for some minutes and then comes the shampoo.

  2.  You wet the hair and apply the shampoo after which you wash out.

  3. The conditioner follows which you also rinse out.

  4. The leave in conditioner is applied next but you don't wash it out. You simply apply the hair butter to your hair to seal in the moisture from the leave in conditioner.

  5. If you want to use the  We Naturals hibiscus honey mask, apply it instead of the conditioner as per the directions.

That's how you use the We Naturals Hemp Range

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