I Got A Break Out From Biotin

Biotin has become a household vitamin for ladies on a hair journey. When I was talking about how to stop a break out from biotin,  I was so diligent with using the washroom and peeing but as soon as I neglected eliminating water from my body,  I got the break out from biotin.

It's funny because I thought I could get away with it for a couple of days but my body said no way!  I knew I wasn't using the washroom as I should because I was deliberately avoiding doing it. I was lazy and that 's the reason.

As soon as I went back to eliminating the biotin,  the cheeks cleared up and now I have only one bump left. All it took was two days of peeing more!

I picked at the pimple so I have black spots to clear. I think I had about 5 pimples in all at both checks. I'll be using a few homemade items to get rid of the black spots.

This is just to prove my point that getting break out from biotin isn't about how much water you take,  but how much water you eliminate.

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