It's All About Your Hair Care Routine

When I'm told my hair grows fast,  I, usually, try to explain that  it's all about your hair care routine.

I've had different routines and regimen for different purposes and I can say that whatever product you use can only be effective based on your routine.

Whilst some hair thrive on daily co washing, some do well with weekly or monthly washing. Identifying what will work at what time will ultimately be the  key to reading your length goals. The same regimen might not work all year for the reason that we have different seasons. Some products and routines work best during the wet season whilst others are for the harmattan. For example, in the dry season,  frequent deep conditioning will not only provide moisture but also act as a buffer against dry ends. In contrast,  the wet season means less deep conditioning to prevent moisture overload and more protein treatment to strengthen the hair.

Your hair care routine is the gateway to a successful hair journey.

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