Last Week of Nature's Bounty Gummies

Nature's Bounty Gummies are chewable and  contain biotin and vitamin c. I've been taking these supplements for some weeks now. An uncle of mine gave them to me as a gift and I'm just more than grateful. These vitamins are quite sweet too :)

Unfortunately, by the end of this week,  I'll be done with the nature's bounty gummies vitamins. I really loved taking these supplements and will restock later in life LOL. The one thing I love about them is that you can pop the vitamins into your mouth wherever you are. You don't need water to take them and because they look like sweets, you won't need to answer why you are taking vitamins. This is a question I get asked quite often.


For now,  I have the Now Foods biotin to use up too. In as much as I enjoyed taking the gummies, too much sugar in the body can also be harmful to the system. Switching to the capsules for a while will give the body the time to flush out excess sugar too.

After which I'll begin the vitacost vitamins. The only reason I got the vitacost is because it's once a day with  10000mcg biotin. This dosage may work better than the regular 5000mcg I'm used to.
I haven't seen nor read reviews about it so I'm taking a risk here.

The one challenge about these biotin supplements is keeping acne away. That is achievable but requires taking in a lot of water daily to flush out any excess.
What's your current vitamins? Have you taken the nature's bounty gummies before? How did you find them? Have you taken any other gummies before? How do you compare them?

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