My Hair Is Growing

This morning, I was complimented that was that my hair is growing. Well, that's exciting to hear considering that I'm just beginning to come to terms with my whole new journey.


There are days I'm so excited to do some hair treatments; other times,  I could care less. 80% of the time,  I could care less. If my hair is growing in,  then,  I guess I'm doing something right.
I've not been so hard on myself when it comes to the routines. I do what needs to be done at the moment.


Since its going to be wash and go for the rest of the time my hairline fills in,  I may probably just use up hair products. Aside this,  there have been some changes in my schedule that make it impossible to spend time thinking about what to do to the hair. Somehow,  the thoughts of not braiding are really appealing and deep in my heart,  that's what I want. You and I know I love to braid for aesthetic reasons which makes it hard staying away from extensions.

Anyways,  I'll keep doing what I do to grow the hair and look forward to  my first straightening appointment in the course of the year. This is the last and final cut ever! I need to reach my goals and focus on another project. Probably, fashion too. 5 years of back and forth on this hair journey isn't what anyone reading this post would have wished to be reading today.

When I do get to the shoulder length I want, I will be super-duper grateful to you all. You've been amazing readers and great support system. Physically, I may never be able to meet some of you; your energy though is felt each time you drop a comment, make a suggestion, ask a question and leave encouraging words.

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