No More Acne Breakout

No more acne breakout since the last one popped up about three days ago.  I haven't taken any supplement  for two days to give my body the time to rid itself of excess biotin and for my hormones to stabilize.

I'm going to start my Now Foods biotin today. I'll be taking  just 5000mcg once a day till that also runs out.

I'm super excited about this crotchet braid. I view it as an extension of my hair and I treat it as such. In doing so,  I see my whole body differently now. As I work on getting my face  back to its old self,  I do it with all pleasure.


I've been drinking more water too. This morning,  I applied honey lemon mask and will follow up with  a facial peel and the clean again with witch hazel. I may use the clear and smooth acne pimple medication or the evening Primrose oil.

How's your holy Saturday going?

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  1. I'm glad your acne calmed down a bit.

  2. Yes, I can now work on the scars.

  3. Susana11:50 am

    That's great. The crochet rocks tho. Holy Saturday = lots of work for me. No rest.


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