Smooth and Soft Face

When you desire smooth and soft face, you ought to brace yourself for unconventional products and techniques too.

It's been just about a week or so since I upped my facial care regimen and now,  I'm enjoying the  fruit of the labour.


See the difference now?


Apart from having a smooth and soft face, the acne scars are also fading gradually. I'm praying my facial cleansing brush arrives soon to boost the fading process. The acne scars I currently have are the result of not taking in enough water to flush out excess biotin. I guess I was too focused on taking the supplement without considering my own advice to urinate more. The more you expel excess biotin, the lesser the chance of getting acne break outs. The worst part of the story is that I pop the bumps which is a bad habit.

Now, I've paid more attention to the biotin. I've increased the water intake as well as urinating more. I've also decreased the dosage to allow the system restore its balance. I don't want to aggravate a bad situation.

My experience should help you keep your eyes on the water you drink if you are using biotin.

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