Switching to Nature's Bounty Gummies

Frankly speaking,  the nature's bounty gummies have really spoilt me Lol. I forget to take the Now Foods biotin  sometimes and it's all because chewing sweet gummies are more fun than swallowing pills. They taste too good!!!



I'm therefore switching back to the combination of two gummies and one biotin. My body tolerates biotin pretty well. One of the contributing factors for my use of biotin is because I know the body removes excess from the body in various ways. Aside that, these gummies have vitamin C which is also valuable in maintaining a healthy body. I'm not keen on growing my nails long but I do use it as a measuring point to see the effectiveness of the vitamins.

For the skin, I believe that these supplements have helped with the glowing skin I enjoy. I don't have a problem skin but the extra boost I derive from my supplements are most welcome. I do take breaks in between but for the most part, it's been a consistent routine. The other thing I love about these vitamins is the availability. I know where to restock so I'm not unduly worried about running out. It's rather about the money to purchase it when I need it LOL.

I was consistent with that routine so I'll be fine with that till both vitamins run out.
How do you take your vitamins?

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  1. ubuwan12:34 am

    I love these vitamins!

  2. Well these bounties are rather useful to people who hate vegetables like me, but as vitamins are very essentials I can take them as per prescribed by my doctor and they are really helpful so thanks about the advise .


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