The Biotin

It's the second week on the Now Foods biotin alone. I take biotin for the purpose of increasing hair growth as well as boosting energy and metabolism.

I did cheat with one nature's bounty gummies because I couldn't just walk out of the room without one in my mouth. Knowing that I don't break out with biotin is actually a good thing. The sweet taste of the gummies do put some ladies off; for some of us, it is a blessing!

After taking a break during the weekend,  I'm back on the Now Foods biotin. I'm beginning to see the benefits of taking these supplements. My hair is very thick and the hair doesn't shed. I don't actually have shedding problems but to see less hair on wash days is the desire of every lady on a healthy hair journey.

Since I've refocused my attention on my edges,  I've seen some improvement and others have also attested that the hair line is growing in. I still apply by the oil mix each morning.

I'm making efforts to do scalp massages regularly and the inversion method will also include scalp massage whilst in the inversion position.

I'm sure by the end of March the biotin will be out then I can concentrate on the nature's bounty.

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