The Nape Area

Whenever we talk about edges or hairline,  we all are in on the regrowth yet we forget that when we take showers, the water also touches the nape area or what is called the kitchen area.

I haven't really been concerned about my nape and from reading blogs,  it seems ladies were trimming of shaving their napes. I don't think we do that in Ghana.  It was a bit of a cultural shock to me but I guess we have different hair experiences.

I don't know the history behind the shaving of the kitchen but I know we in Ghana,  rather fight to grow it.  Usually,  the pony fits at the middle  but the nape and hairline are just too broken to fit in. Whilst we are working on recovering  our hairline,  we need to pay attention to the nape areas so as to have full hair.

My attention was drawn to the nape area when I noticed one part was out of the weave. The left side of the nape sticks out and truth be told,  do we consider how the water we use to wash could touch those places causing breakage?

I'm addition to  this,  we play more with our nape as we watch tv,  chat with friends,  and even whilst reading  this post:)

One of the ways we can protect the nape area whilst taking a bath is to use a towel. I've seen some towels that can wrap round that area to prevent water from touching it (what's the name?)

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