The Quest For Long Hair

If I'm going to be wearing my hair out as the hairline gets restored,  I might as well make good use of it and find ways to grow my long hair ( I mean at least necklength this year).


Inspired by a reader,  I realized that  my struggle with short hair is a matter of mindset. By remembering that this is just for a few months,  I'm motivated to keep going.

I know usually by 9 months, my hair is long enough to blow dry so I might be able to straighten it too. One of the reasons for  my failed journey last year was not getting a good flat iron. Perhaps,  that will have made keeping the hair straight  a lot easier.

Anyway,  no need to cry over spilled milk.  I'm going to purchase a small flat iron from aliexpress ( have I told you that's how I get some stuff these days?).

For now,  due to time constraints, I may not be able to  share all that  I do to the hair but I will surely let you in when I can.

My mane choice is still in the pipeline. Initially, I dropped it but I've been encouraged to give  my hair another chance so I'll purchase it. In fact,  it might be in by the end of this week.

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