Wash N Go Routine

Wash n Go as the name suggests that necessarily mean just wash and go LOL. The goal is usually to have defined curls for a while as  a way of styling your TWA or short natural hair. The ease in this routine lies i in the absence of a thousand and one steps during the styling process. I've been  a wash n go person these past few weeks and though I don't do anything special, I'm beginning to find ways of defining my curls.


I'm looking at trying a gel wash N go using the eco styler gel. I'll wet the hair,  rake the gel through the hair and allow it to dry. I'll let you know how it goes. The gel need not leave your hair dry and crunchy; eco style has a variety of gels without different holding strength. You may want to start of with the one with the minimal hold just to see how your hair will respond.

You can also use a curl cream to create a wash n go if you have looser textures. There are several curl creams on the market you can try; you have to do a trail and error to identify what product works and what technique gives you the optimum results.

If I do the wash n go this weekend, I'll let you see the results.

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