Wash N Go With Eco Cocktail

The eco cocktail works well to define the curls in a matter of minutes.
I wet the hair whilst taking a shower. I apply leave in and scrunch at the same time. I add oil and apply the eco cocktail. I top up with eco styler for a longer hold. I can get two or three days of wear if I cover the hair well before bed but I hardly do that.




As the hair grows out,  I'll definitely find more ways of scrunching to get the curls to last longer.
At this point,  all you need is patience and confidence.
In a few weeks time,  I will forget this stage.

Now to the sad news:
My edges are really damaged. The front part looks like it's bald and that scares me. When I stepped into the light for pictures,  I saw the magnitude of damage and it seems I'm on the boarder line of traction alopecia. Smh.
This means I can't braid even when the hair grows because those parts are so fragile. I don't want to wear wigs too because of the cap that pulls at the edges.

I'm keeping at eye on that area and will be extra diligent in using the oils there.
See my Facebook page for pictures of the edges.

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