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Relaxer Update 2

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth; just busy with hassling  Lol.

Here's the video about my relaxer update. I got a touch up during the week and I loved it! Styling my hair has been super easy and simple (just what I want).

Aside the relaxer,  I have other stuff to share so I hope I get to it ASAP....
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Coconut Oil and Castor Oil Challenge

Here we are on the 5th #ghanaianemprezz12monthschallenges which is the coconut oil and castor oil challenge. I must say that I think this oil is the most common hair product in our stash LOL.
These oil challenge is to help the hair retain more moisture,  reduce protein loss,  prevent hygral fatigue and more benefits which I know you are aware of.

1. You can use it for green house or baggying. You can do the green house effect as often as you want but be careful not to have moisture overload.
2. Prepoo  treatment : apply the coconut oil for at least 8 hours or with heat to ensure maximum absorption before shampooing.
3. As a sealant which should be followed up with a butter because coconut oil gets absorbed into the hair and you need the butte for extra protection against moisture loss.
4. Mix into deep conditioner for extra absorption during the deep conditioning.
5. Oil rinsing : apply the coconut oil after shampoo, then, allow to sit for a while and rinse out or just ad…

Texlaxed Hair Update

Texlaxed hair refers to intentionally leaving texture during the relaxer process. Some ladies add conditioner or oils to slow down the relaxer processing. It helps to keep maintain a loose texture thereby enjoying manageable hair. Most often, it's easier to handle texlaxed hair when it's long. With this short hair, it's not easy. The worst part of it is when you moisturize, the hair shrinks and adds to your inability to style it nicely and with ease.

Currently, my hair is texlaxed but in my situation, it wasn't a deliberate choice. In this video, I talk about what I've decided to do with my current texlaxed hair. Because I didn't intend to texlax, I had to figure out a day-to-day care. This include focusing on the hair products I've been using and the regimen that I've been using in order to manage the hair properly.

There are several advantages to leaving texture in your hair but at this point, this isn't going to work out well for me. Probably when …

Week 3 Wash Day

It's been three weeks since I texlaxed and I must say I think I prefer it this way. I hardly worry about how to stretch the hair after washing and how to style it. Honestly, I think relaxed, texlaxed hair is better for me.

Now,  I know I haven't posted in a while; hair takes the back seat when we need to live. My regimen worked well with the exception of the Scalp Massage. I just forgot about it each time I got home. I did try once or twice with my fingers though.
For this wash,  I brewed coffee for a rinse. I cleansed with Wen cleansing conditioner and did the coffee rinse, followed up We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask for deep conditioning. I really like how this deep conditioning treatment works. My hair stayed moisturized for days when I deep conditioned with it in two successive days instead of simply  co washing.

Unfortunately,  no pictures of my hair but it's doing well. I wear afro puffs these days with a variety of head bands I got. It feels great to be able to style …

Hair Routine For The Week

This week's hair routine is very simple,  I intend to Co wash at least two times and deep condition twice.

I want to Co wash because of the  way my scalp sweats. I want to  maintain maximum moisture retention, especially,  since the hair is getting long. I want to do it on Tuesday and Thursday.

The deep conditioning is to provide extra moisture and fortify the hair against the hot weather. My hair gets dry easily too. I'll apply the deep conditioner on dry and do the Co wash.

The next thing I want to do this week is to do nightly scalp massages with the brush. The Scalp needs to be activated for maximum hair growth before next touch up which may be next month.

The last thing I want to do is to  moisturize and seal every night before bed and use the satin cap diligently. I need to retain all the length I'm gaining.

Are You Making Progress?

This question, '' Are you making progress? '' has been my motivation for the month.

I want to see my hair journey reach a climax; a point where I can close my mind to length and enjoy it. What's that length? May be neck length.

Lately, I've been wondering about keeping the hair at a particular length whilst working on thickness. The key for me is thickness.

I had an Aha moment when I realized I loved thick yet manageable hair. That has been pushing and driving me back and forth between natural,  texlaxed and relaxed.

I see women with short,  bouncy hair and I think I want to make that a goal first. As the thickness increases,  I can move  to length. Don't get me wrong, I want length but I think my priority is thickness first. As the hair grows in,  you get that bouncy look and I know two YouTube ladies who have maintained a Bob look for years. It will be easier for me to enjoy the hair too.

That said,  the only way to have that thickness is frequent trims so I&#…

I'm Done With Hair Products!!!

Hair products are essential in growing and retaining length. For a while now, I've been busy stocking up on products. Ultimately, I'm becoming a product junkie.

I've purchased the Zabrinaturals Co wash and I'm good. What I need now is the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness or otherwise of the current products. It will be of much benefit in determining which ones to restock. That will also allow me to know which ones work or don't work. My hair tends to change according to seasons. Each season presents new challenges. Therefore, if I have an overload of products, I may actually be wasting products or just not getting the hair to be what I desire.

I realized those I listed as needed could easily be removed. One of my stylists has all the good products so if I need one,  I'll go to her.  That said,  if I run out of one,  I'll have to replace asap. Knowing that money doesn't drop from the sky, I'm setting aside something as a standby or backup. Howe…

Reader Task: Keep Box Braids For 8 Week

Box braids refer to the hair style will call "three three". For my current install, I used about two packs of colour 2. Despite how short my hair is, the stylist managed to create a gorgeous set of box braids.

Now, the challenge is how long I can keep them! On my Facebook page,  I have a reader task going on where a reader gives me a task to perform.The first task regarding my braids is to keep is for at least 8 good weeks!

Aside knowing what to do to maintain the scalp and the braids, this is an opportune time to get a bit adventurous with beads in the hair. I've never done that style with beads in them, much less metal beads. Someone remarked that I'm too predictable. I know. I was always scared of the image I create among family and friends. That actually stopped me from exploring the world around me.

Anyway, it's never too late to learn a new trick so I was quite excited about the new addition to the box braid style.

I do understand where the reader is coming fro…

Second Quarter Goals

We are in the second quarter and here are the goals for this time of the year. Although my hair isn't long,  I've still got to keep an eye on the ends and on the thickness.

First Goal

I plan using the Canesten and peppermint oil mix on the edges and areas close to it. I know some ladies will give me the side eye for using yeast infection cream on the edges but if it works, why not? I don't mind.

Second Goal

The second goal is to complete my purchasing of products. I won't  mind getting them now so I can relax. I want to stock up on the Co wash because that's the one thing I do very often. Other than that,  I have no need of products except you give me free ones lol.

**Zabrinaturals  Co wash
** ORS aloe creamy shampoo
**We Naturals shampoo, large size. I need a shampoo that will last a long time and if the small one lasts long,  you can imagine how long the large size will last.

Lastly, finish up all hair vitamins as soon as possible including the new one - vitacost . I'…

Peppermint Oil and Canesten To Regrow Edges

I know you are probably wondering why I'm using Canesten to regrow edges. The technical use of the Canesten is Yeast infection but I've daktarin before with success but I wanted something more effective so I picked up this one. I've been using this for about 3 days and will show progress at the end of April. I got the Canesten at 35gh, 20g.

Fortunately, my braider followed all directions to the teeth so I'm good. My hair line is safe. You see,  necessity is the mother of invention so I had to get very innovative with this new stylist. I directed her step by step on how to handle my hair. My usual braider isn't around and won't be after her wedding so I need to be the a replacement now.

I'm so glad the new one followed the directions and was pleasantly surprised when I asked her to pick and braid rather than wrap the hair at the root before braiding  -  hope it  makes sense. My scalp was light, my forehead wasn't shiny too. No tightness,  simply  adorable …

Baking Soda Facial Cleanser

Today, I want to show you how I prepare and apply baking soda facial cleanser. I alternate this cleanser with honey mask during the week. Although my acne is gone, I enjoy doing the facial treatments because they will prevent any breakout. I haven't been rigorous with the routine like it was a few days ago but this maintenance mode is ok.

The Preparation

All I do is mix about a teaspoon of baking soda in purified water. You need to ensure that the water you use won't clog your pores and tap water tends to be harder than filtered water in our place.

The Application

I dab the area I want with a cotton ball dipped in the cleanser. I allow the baking soda cleanser to stay on my skin for about an hour before rinsing off with water. Upon application of the water, the baking soda feels slippery whilst rinsing out.

After Application

I clean with witch hazel and apply either acne pimple medication and vitamin E. I use the vitamin E as my facial cream now. I alternate that with the flax seed …

Regrow Edges Update (1)

Regrowing edges isn't a new challenge on this blog. Right from the onse of my journey, I began to focus on maintaing healthy edges. At the beginning of 2016, I made the decision to regrow edges full and healthy once and for all.

In that video, I talked of the oils I'll be using. I also talk about the routine I'll follow and how to combat setbacks. It's been three months already and although it seems I've made some progress at the left side, the right side looks worse.

In the video, I talk about the new strategy I'm employing and how I'm going to get the needed improvement.


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Vitamin E Oil To Fade Acne Scars

When I realized  vitamin E oil can be used to help fade acne scars, I had to  make some budgetary adjustments to purchase one and I pray  it's worth it.

I started on 4th April so I'll give it a month to see how it goes.

On application, it feels as thick as castor oil not more. I apply to the affected area. The good thing is that because the bottle is small and because I won't be wearing  make up,  I can use it midday when I rinse my face.

Whatever the case,  I'll make sure to use it once a day.

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No Shampoo Wash Day

I'd a bottle of clay rinse so I did a no shampoo wash this time which means no prepoo and only wet the hair for the clay rinse. Prior to this,  I'd used gel to I made sure I had rinsed out the gel before using the clay rinse (learnt this from mane objective and

This was the bun I'd created with the gel.
I used the clay rinse and followed up with We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask for deep conditioning.

I used ors hairepair moisture cream and afroriri hair butter to seal. I couldn't find my leave in.
I blow dried the hair and called it a day.
I don't know which style I'll wear as I go back to work; I want nothing to do with the extensions.

I'll do a cleansing wash during the week when I also do a tea rinse as we are on the tea rinse challenge this month.

How was your wash day?

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Aloe Vera Overnight Facial Treatment

My skin is looking better than it was last week all thanks to the consistent care and one of the techniques has been aloe vera overnight facial treatment.

I have a large aloe vera leaf I've been using. I scoop a bit of the gel and apply to the skin. It dries it pretty quickly and leaves a stick feeling  too. It's comfortable sleeping with it though. I haven't applied the clear and smooth acne pimple medication since  I don't have a new breakout. As a result,  I will need something milder which is why I'm using the aloe.

The baking soda will continue  to be a back up, especially, during the days I have nowhere going because it leaves a white residue on the  face when it dries up. There's no way I can't sleep with that on my face too. Lol

I've been using just the honey lemon minus the sugar in the scrub in order not to overdo the scrubbing. The granules aren't they tiny. I'll use it at this week though.

The next kitchen ingredient for fading Acne Scar…