Aloe Vera Overnight Facial Treatment

My skin is looking better than it was last week all thanks to the consistent care and one of the techniques has been aloe vera overnight facial treatment.


I have a large aloe vera leaf I've been using. I scoop a bit of the gel and apply to the skin. It dries it pretty quickly and leaves a stick feeling  too. It's comfortable sleeping with it though. I haven't applied the clear and smooth acne pimple medication since  I don't have a new breakout. As a result,  I will need something milder which is why I'm using the aloe.

The baking soda will continue  to be a back up, especially, during the days I have nowhere going because it leaves a white residue on the  face when it dries up. There's no way I can't sleep with that on my face too. Lol

I've been using just the honey lemon minus the sugar in the scrub in order not to overdo the scrubbing. The granules aren't they tiny. I'll use it at this week though.

The next kitchen ingredient for fading Acne Scars is milk! Of course, using milk isn't new to me. I used to mix it with my bathing soap though I can't remember if it worked to  give me the smooth  skin I want. Now that my eyes are wide awake,  I'll give it a try may be once a week mixed with honey or raw like that hehehehe.

Who doesn't want an awesome skin?

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