Are You Making Progress?

This question, '' Are you making progress? '' has been my motivation for the month.

I want to see my hair journey reach a climax; a point where I can close my mind to length and enjoy it. What's that length? May be neck length.

Lately, I've been wondering about keeping the hair at a particular length whilst working on thickness. The key for me is thickness.

I had an Aha moment when I realized I loved thick yet manageable hair. That has been pushing and driving me back and forth between natural,  texlaxed and relaxed.


I see women with short,  bouncy hair and I think I want to make that a goal first. As the thickness increases,  I can move  to length. Don't get me wrong, I want length but I think my priority is thickness first. As the hair grows in,  you get that bouncy look and I know two YouTube ladies who have maintained a Bob look for years. It will be easier for me to enjoy the hair too.

That said,  the only way to have that thickness is frequent trims so I'm all for it. I don't want any setback,  no double minded person again.

I'm moving for texlaxed hair and that's how it's going to be. I can't pinpoint it but I know I'll definitely see the waist length, thick hair I want.

I can answer my question,  I'm making  progress. I speak positively about my hair now. Something I used to do back in 2012. I stopped because I was unhappy with it. Now,  even if I'm unhappy with it, speaking positive affirmations can revert it.

I'm aiming for 8-12 weeks in between stretching as usual and not 6 weeks. It's easy to do so and I'm going for it. Just 10 or so weeks to go.


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