Baking Soda Facial Cleanser


Today, I want to show you how I prepare and apply baking soda facial cleanser. I alternate this cleanser with honey mask during the week. Although my acne is gone, I enjoy doing the facial treatments because they will prevent any breakout. I haven't been rigorous with the routine like it was a few days ago but this maintenance mode is ok.

The Preparation

All I do is mix about a teaspoon of baking soda in purified water. You need to ensure that the water you use won't clog your pores and tap water tends to be harder than filtered water in our place.

The Application

I dab the area I want with a cotton ball dipped in the cleanser. I allow the baking soda cleanser to stay on my skin for about an hour before rinsing off with water. Upon application of the water, the baking soda feels slippery whilst rinsing out.

After Application

I clean with witch hazel and apply either acne pimple medication and vitamin E. I use the vitamin E as my facial cream now. I alternate that with the flax seed oil and I must say I really love the way my skin feels after using this oil. This is the first time I've used oil on my face without breaking out so that's a win. The blessing in this acne breakout is haven discovered an oil that my facial skin loves. I hope it stays that way LOL.

I'm just waiting for the facial cleansing brush to arrive to up the routine.

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