Coconut Oil and Castor Oil Challenge


Here we are on the 5th #ghanaianemprezz12monthschallenges which is the coconut oil and castor oil challenge. I must say that I think this oil is the most common hair product in our stash LOL.
These oil challenge is to help the hair retain more moisture,  reduce protein loss,  prevent hygral fatigue and more benefits which I know you are aware of.

1. You can use it for green house or baggying. You can do the green house effect as often as you want but be careful not to have moisture overload.
2. Prepoo  treatment : apply the coconut oil for at least 8 hours or with heat to ensure maximum absorption before shampooing.
3. As a sealant which should be followed up with a butter because coconut oil gets absorbed into the hair and you need the butte for extra protection against moisture loss.
4. Mix into deep conditioner for extra absorption during the deep conditioning.
5. Oil rinsing : apply the coconut oil after shampoo, then, allow to sit for a while and rinse out or just add your deep conditioner.
6. Apply on scalp at least once or twice a week and massage your scalp. You may also not massage the hair.
These are some of the ways you can use Coconut oil in your regimen during this challenge.

Do share your results at the end of the challenge.


  1. Lynda2:14 pm

    Since I'm in a PS, I only apply to my scalp


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