Hair Routine For The Week

This week's hair routine is very simple,  I intend to Co wash at least two times and deep condition twice.


I want to Co wash because of the  way my scalp sweats. I want to  maintain maximum moisture retention, especially,  since the hair is getting long. I want to do it on Tuesday and Thursday.

The deep conditioning is to provide extra moisture and fortify the hair against the hot weather. My hair gets dry easily too. I'll apply the deep conditioner on dry and do the Co wash.

The next thing I want to do this week is to do nightly scalp massages with the brush. The Scalp needs to be activated for maximum hair growth before next touch up which may be next month.

The last thing I want to do is to  moisturize and seal every night before bed and use the satin cap diligently. I need to retain all the length I'm gaining.


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