I'm Done With Hair Products!!!

Hair products are essential in growing and retaining length. For a while now, I've been busy stocking up on products. Ultimately, I'm becoming a product junkie.

I've purchased the Zabrinaturals Co wash and I'm good. What I need now is the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness or otherwise of the current products. It will be of much benefit in determining which ones to restock. That will also allow me to know which ones work or don't work. My hair tends to change according to seasons. Each season presents new challenges. Therefore, if I have an overload of products, I may actually be wasting products or just not getting the hair to be what I desire.


I realized those I listed as needed could easily be removed. One of my stylists has all the good products so if I need one,  I'll go to her.  That said,  if I run out of one,  I'll have to replace asap. Knowing that money doesn't drop from the sky, I'm setting aside something as a standby or backup. However, I want to completely empty products before I replace in order to curb the unnecessary buying.

The one thing I foresee emptying soon is a leave in and what better opportunity to try a product from sheabutter cottage. I'm going to check her site to see the leave ins and other necessary products and put them on the '' restock list ''.

You may have realized that I've backed off from certain cheap products for close to 3 years and I'm glad I did.  I see a lot sellers and manufacturers bring in questionable hair products so be careful. These may be cheap to purchase. However, they won't help in the health of your hair; they might cause more damage.

How about your stash? Are you purchasing more hair products?


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