I Drank The Hair Coffee

You know we are on the #ghanaianemprezz12monthschallenges and this is the time for tea rinses. Well, I opted for coffee and have since done one rinse but I drank the hair coffee and here is why.

My next rinse is due this weekend but that's not going to happen because of activities so postponed to the last weekend of the month. In this case,  what will happen to my prepared coffee rinse?


Even though it's in the fridge, it may go bad by then so I channeled it to another use, cold cup of coffee. I bet you are wondering if I can actually bring myself to drink something meant for hair Lol. You know that's not true! Coffee is meant to be an energy booster hehehe.

All the same, I have two packs of coffee so I'm OK for the next application.
How's your tea rinse going?


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