No Shampoo Wash Day

I'd a bottle of clay rinse so I did a no shampoo wash this time which means no prepoo and only wet the hair for the clay rinse. Prior to this,  I'd used gel to I made sure I had rinsed out the gel before using the clay rinse (learnt this from mane objective and


This was the bun I'd created with the gel.
I used the clay rinse and followed up with We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask for deep conditioning.

I used ors hairepair moisture cream and afroriri hair butter to seal. I couldn't find my leave in.
I blow dried the hair and called it a day.
I don't know which style I'll wear as I go back to work; I want nothing to do with the extensions.

I'll do a cleansing wash during the week when I also do a tea rinse as we are on the tea rinse challenge this month.

How was your wash day?

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