Peppermint Oil and Canesten To Regrow Edges

I know you are probably wondering why I'm using Canesten to regrow edges. The technical use of the Canesten is Yeast infection but I've daktarin before with success but I wanted something more effective so I picked up this one. I've been using this for about 3 days and will show progress at the end of April. I got the Canesten at 35gh, 20g.


Fortunately, my braider followed all directions to the teeth so I'm good. My hair line is safe. You see,  necessity is the mother of invention so I had to get very innovative with this new stylist. I directed her step by step on how to handle my hair. My usual braider isn't around and won't be after her wedding so I need to be the a replacement now.

I'm so glad the new one followed the directions and was pleasantly surprised when I asked her to pick and braid rather than wrap the hair at the root before braiding  -  hope it  makes sense. My scalp was light, my forehead wasn't shiny too. No tightness,  simply  adorable box braids.

I'm in a good place now considering the ups and downs in going through now. I've nailed my hair regimen so I'm focusing on some four key areas in my life.
Check for my life updates.

I can honestly say I have all my hair needs; I got peppermint oil for my hairline as well as to increase growth  even as I am in braids,  I have  a Co wash from zabrinaturals,  vitamin E oil, Sheamoisture shampoo (Get one here) and an oil mix enough for 2 years!

All I need now is ACV,  ors creamy aloe shampoo, bentonite clay,  some hair vitamins (actually,  all I need to is to pick it up).

I have two projects for the months of April and May (my birthday month). I also have to announce the winner of the last YouTube  give  away :=)

In all,  I'm just going to chill with the projects and see some major changes in my lifestyle.


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