Reader Task: Keep Box Braids For 8 Week

Box braids refer to the hair style will call "three three". For my current install, I used about two packs of colour 2. Despite how short my hair is, the stylist managed to create a gorgeous set of box braids.

Now, the challenge is how long I can keep them! On my Facebook page,  I have a reader task going on where a reader gives me a task to perform.The first task regarding my braids is to keep is for at least 8 good weeks!

Aside knowing what to do to maintain the scalp and the braids, this is an opportune time to get a bit adventurous with beads in the hair. I've never done that style with beads in them, much less metal beads. Someone remarked that I'm too predictable. I know. I was always scared of the image I create among family and friends. That actually stopped me from exploring the world around me.

Anyway, it's never too late to learn a new trick so I was quite excited about the new addition to the box braid style.


I do understand where the reader is coming from just as I know if you've been reading this blog, you also do. I'm not making excuses; just stating the obvious. It's a herculean task keeping braids and weaves on for at least a month! Yes, I'm that bad!

I decided to make a video detailing what the reader wants me to do, what I intend doing and if I should fail, what I can do.

The video has all there is to know.

Watch and let me know what you think.


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