Second Quarter Goals

We are in the second quarter and here are the goals for this time of the year. Although my hair isn't long,  I've still got to keep an eye on the ends and on the thickness.

First Goal

I plan using the Canesten and peppermint oil mix on the edges and areas close to it. I know some ladies will give me the side eye for using yeast infection cream on the edges but if it works, why not? I don't mind.

Second Goal

The second goal is to complete my purchasing of products. I won't  mind getting them now so I can relax. I want to stock up on the Co wash because that's the one thing I do very often. Other than that,  I have no need of products except you give me free ones lol.


**Zabrinaturals  Co wash
** ORS aloe creamy shampoo
**We Naturals shampoo, large size. I need a shampoo that will last a long time and if the small one lasts long,  you can imagine how long the large size will last.

Lastly, finish up all hair vitamins as soon as possible including the new one - vitacost . I've been taking biotin once a day and that's going to take about 5 months to finish up. I'm all for it though as I think I'm getting good results but want to give my body a break and rather focus on multivitamins and not just HSN or biotin. I'm looking at improving my general well being and not just increasing hair growth. There are vitamins that can give me both so that's what I'm looking at. I won't restock biotin when mine runs out.

What are you second quarter goals? Have you achieved the goals for the first quarter? What products have you used up or intend buying?


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