Texlaxed Hair Update

Texlaxed hair refers to intentionally leaving texture during the relaxer process. Some ladies add conditioner or oils to slow down the relaxer processing. It helps to keep maintain a loose texture thereby enjoying manageable hair. Most often, it's easier to handle texlaxed hair when it's long. With this short hair, it's not easy. The worst part of it is when you moisturize, the hair shrinks and adds to your inability to style it nicely and with ease.

texlaxed hair

Currently, my hair is texlaxed but in my situation, it wasn't a deliberate choice. In this video, I talk about what I've decided to do with my current texlaxed hair. Because I didn't intend to texlax, I had to figure out a day-to-day care. This include focusing on the hair products I've been using and the regimen that I've been using in order to manage the hair properly.

There are several advantages to leaving texture in your hair but at this point, this isn't going to work out well for me. Probably when I hit armpit length or longer, I can begin leaving more texture and gradually have more texture.

Would  I continue sticking to texlaxed hair? How am I getting to my desired length? I discuss all these in the video to make sure I've not left anyone in limbo. My hair has come a long way and I'm in full swing to growing it long and healthy this year.





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