Week 3 Wash Day

It's been three weeks since I texlaxed and I must say I think I prefer it this way. I hardly worry about how to stretch the hair after washing and how to style it. Honestly, I think relaxed, texlaxed hair is better for me.

Now,  I know I haven't posted in a while; hair takes the back seat when we need to live. My regimen worked well with the exception of the Scalp Massage. I just forgot about it each time I got home. I did try once or twice with my fingers though.
For this wash,  I brewed coffee for a rinse. I cleansed with Wen cleansing conditioner and did the coffee rinse, followed up We Naturals Hibiscus honey mask for deep conditioning. I really like how this deep conditioning treatment works. My hair stayed moisturized for days when I deep conditioned with it in two successive days instead of simply  co washing.

Unfortunately,  no pictures of my hair but it's doing well. I wear afro puffs these days with a variety of head bands I got. It feels great to be able to style the hair in a way. It may look cute or funny to me but I'm ok with it.


If the softness continues like this,  I'll be glad to stretch till end of June.
How's your hair?


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