2 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

I'm currently 2 Weeks post relaxer and I've started taking the vitacost hair vitamins and will do a first update next week.

I've been maintaining my hair by moisturizing and sealing daily. There are times I really miss my length especially when all I want is to bun and go. Anyways,  at this point, I though the new growth wasn't much until I touched the  scalp and noticed a considerably good amount of growth from the biotin.


The only thing I'd been taking was the Now Foods Biotin so I'm totally convinced that biotin definitely helped with hair growth. However,  I know the hair skin and nails vitamins will also get the work done as well as keep me fit.

My last blood work seems to  indicate some sort of deficiency so I'm keeping an eye on my health. I'll be using only the vitacost HSN  till 11th June when it finishes.

I've been  using the Cantu sheabutter moisturizing lotion followed by oil; I'm considering mixing my oils with the sheabutter for maximum benefit. I mean with the quantity of oil I have,  the sheabutter might go rancid by the time I'm ready to use it.  That will be a great way of using up products too.


The Stretch
I intend going between 6-8 weeks or more. At least, till the end of June which will put me at almost 9 weeks.
My new growth is still manageable and hope it doesn't change because I deep condition twice a week (I'm unable to blog about some washes because of time factor).
I'll be switching to Tropical Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil for my edges and I'm so excited about that!
What's up with your hair?


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