4 Weeks Co Wash

I've given up taking shots with my current phone until I find a good spot to shoot or proper equipment eg a phone with better camera quality so there aren't pictures of the co wash results.

After taking down the crotchet braid out of necessity (hospital and hair is a story on its own).  It took another 24 hours to muster the energy to wash the  hair. When I stepped into the shower to wash,  I chickened out and co washed with zabrinaturals cocoshea moisturizing Co Wash. It took another 24 hours to find strength to  detangle and style.


My hair is ok and the new growth stays soft and moisturized for a long time.
I'm doing well in the no Buy challenge too. I have definitely seen products and thought of them. For some reason,  my desire to invest in only vitamins is stronger than ever.

Talking about vitamins,  don't miss the video on the vitacost vitamins which will be up soon. I share all the bits about what's like taking it.


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