Beauty and Hair Products Haul

For the first time in the year, I've managed to put together, a beauty and hair products haul post.  I didn't purposely buy  hair products, some of the beauty products just double up as hair products too. Isn't it great?

First, I got two facial scrubs; a gel scrub and an exfoliating scrub.



I've already started using them because I need my skin to heal quickly. Scrubbing helps the skin to remove dead cells. I've also limited my use of make up so my face is getting better.

I also got bentonite clay for my face and it will also be used on my hair.
Bio Oil claims to reduce scarring  so I want to apply some on my face as well as on skin in general. I'm so excited I've been faithful in caring for mg body these days instead of everything being about hair.
I got zincovit to take with the biotin for overall health. Taking biotin alone isn't enough to get the nutrients I need.

I also got Braggs apple Cider Vinegar.  I mix some in water and drink before bedtime. I want to detoxify my body so I'll be adding  to my regular drinking  water too. A plus to it is that I get to use it on my hair too. (I have some available for sale)
I have the vitacost HSN which will be in soon but I won't take it till the Now Foods biotin is finished (I have some for sale).
In all,  I'm thankful to God for the avenues He's opened for me to afford these things ( It's not a one day saving thing; you have to pray and plan for it ).

What I need is the ors creamy aloe shampoo but I want to stick to the Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo for the meantime.
What have you bought lately?


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